Lastchance.finance is a first decentralized crypto-auction platform.


LastChance is a decentralized auction platform. It’s a new format in crypto asset trading. On LastChance that’s you who sets your favorite assets’ prices since sales on the platform are auctions at its core. LastChance challenges commonplace exchanges. The crypto auction site allows you to buy assets at prices differing from their exchange market averages. There are no go-betweens, LastChance is a fully decentralized solution that runs on the BNB Chain blockchain.
The platform’s smart contracts are its fundamental structure. There is a blueprint contract used to factory create each new auction’s individual smart contract. A well-adjusted factory is what makes it possible to launch LastChance auctions without wasting time on code, nodes, deployment scripts, or any other development tools.
The platform contracts store crypto assets, only making them available to winners once bidding is over and the highest bidder is determined.
The setup is completely different from exchange trading. The platform gives you one last chance to buy assets at prices you won’t find on exchanges. The platform has its own token, LCT, which serves as a reward for all auction participants except the winner — the winner claims the lot. The smart contract returns all bids to participants in LCT token form when the auction ends. This way, there’s really nothing to lose.
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